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Hi Foodies!

My name is Amy and welcome to my blog!

In November this year, I will be finishing my university degree in the beautiful Tasmania, Australia and moving to Bella Roma with my Fiancé David to live and embrace all things Italiano!

I will be living in a gorgeous small apartment building (which was once a monastery) in the centre of the historical and beautiful city of Rome (near the Ponte Sisto). From my little apartment I will be travelling around the eternal city visiting the best food haunts, markets, and meeting some wonderful people who will take me through perfecting the delicious cooking style of Italy. I’ll also include my own takes on some traditional and not so traditional dishes!

I want my blog to document my life in Italy as much for myself as for you and to focus on cooking, learning about wines and cheeses, and my photography of life in the eternal city.

Each week I’ll introduce you to a topic such as fish (pesce), cakes (torta) or wine (vino) with delicious and special recipes for you to try. I will also include interesting notes on nutritional information, health tips and portions of interesting information for you to nibble on.

I will be travelling around Italy eating and meeting with cooks and lovable Italian shop owners to find their secret recipes and best handy cooking tips to make your meals perfect every time! As well as Italy I will be also travelling around the rest of Europe bringing you food from all over the continent!

If you want to hang on every word I write then send me your email and we will notify when a new post comes up! You can also follow me on Pinterest to get my recipe and blog updates.



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