Avocado Facts

It is often overlooked that avocado is actually technically a fruit and it is high in vitamins C and E, low in fructose, and high in fibre.
It has good sugars, which help your metabolism regulate your blood glucose, and it has good fats, which assist in your body’s absorption of important nutrients. 
As vitamin C is soluble in water, it is quickly lost in the body, so daily intake of this vitamin important. Its powers of absorbency make it an important antioxidant for your body, and can in turn reduce inflammations. Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant as it stimulates a healthy heart and in turn a good supply (and circulation) of blood. 

Vitamin E is fat-soluble, which means it is only stored in your body for a short time, so daily intake is important too for this reason.

The humble avocado has been proven to be good for eye-sight and health, skin, your immunity, and blood sugar problems. So start incorporating avocado’s tastiness and goodness into your life! 
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Image: www.orchardstreet.com.au


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