Caramel & Blood Orange Poached Pears

This is a quick delicious dessert which is simple to make but tastes amazing, looks fancy and has cheap ingredients! It's lovely with greek yoghurt for a breakfast or with custard or ice-cream for dessert.
Serves 2

What you will need: 
2 pears (good for poaching)
1.5 cup of brown sugar
3tbs of butter
1/2 cup of blood orange juice (or just normal orange juice)
1 cup of water
1 cinnamon quill/stick

How it's done:
1.Place the sugar and butter in a saucepan and stir constantly over a moderate-high heat with a wooden spoon to make a caramel sauce (add more butter if you need).
2.Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before adding half of the blood orange juice to the caramel. Continue stirring.
3.Once the caramel is rich add the water, remaining juice, cinnamon quill and stir constantly for 5 minutes on a moderate-high temperature until it starts boiling. 
4.Add the pears, and continue stirring gently for 5 minutes.
5.Turn the temperature down, pop a lid on it, and simmer for 20 minutes.
6.Remove the lid, give it a stir and then turn the head back up to moderate-high for 5-10 minutes for the juice to reduce to a sauce. 
7.Serve the pears in a bowl or on a plate and allow the dinner guests to pour their own sauce over it and the ice cream (or whatever you choose to serve it with).



  1. It looks so good and sounds very easy to make. I love how the color of the pears turn out in the end.

    1. It's so yummy and easy to make Tes! The colours are beautiful and perfect for fall/autumn! Enjoy :)

  2. Hi Amy! Are you in Rome already? I've lived in Rome for over 20 years, now I moved back to Sicily. My daughter is in Rome though. Thank you for following me on Twitter, I've followed you right back. I like these pears, we have lots of blood oranges here in Sicily as you can imagine:)

    1. Hi Francesca :) Thank you for your message. I am currently in Australia finishing my final exams and then in a 2 weeks I am moving to Rome! I have travelled to Rome a lot of the last few years as I have family living there, and it is a beautiful city! Sicily is wonderful too, and I know the blood oranges and other citrus fruits are amazing as is the food! :) Your blog is great, I will definitely keep up with you!
      You can keep up with my blog posts easier at if you have Facebook :)