Iconic Rome

Charming musicians at Piazza Navona around the corner from our apartment
Beautiful Bernini fountain at Piazza Navona
  Piazza Navona Market
  The Juggling nun at my bus stop at Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia
 Perfect breakfast at my favourite cafe at Cavour

 The best market in Rome! There is so much great produce and interesting characters there!
  Church mosaic tiles
  Gorgeous well dressed man on his vespa
Villa Borghese - It's so beautiful to go out in a row boat there
  La Renella- My busy little bakery in Trastevere
The Forum and the Colosseum are so beautiful at night

   Every pumpkin imaginable from the Pumpkin Man!!
 Every basket imaginable, AND on a three wheeled car!


  1. I've just been to Rome and it was such a beautiful city! These pictures definitely capture it for me :)

    1. Thanks! I hope you had fun! It's a really beautiful city to live :)

  2. Oh, my gosh! Those musicians in Piazza Navona...my daughter and I listened to them all the tiime, I remember them. isn't the Piazza Vittorio market out of this world? Many years ago it was the only place I could find fresh coriander and Indian spices and vegetables. Now you can find them everywhere. Have you been to the Emporio delle Spezie in Testaccio? My favorite place for spices and herbs.

    1. Hi Francesca! haha the musicians are wonderful! So much character :) I love Piazza Navona :) My apartment is around the corner from there and it is a beautiful area. Piazza Vittorio is fantastic, I always love going there! But I have not been to the Emporio delle Spezie in Testaccio, and I always am on the hunt for spices so I will definitely go! Thanks for the suggestion! Amy