Quiche Lorraine & Artichoke Salad

I think its important to have a basic Quiche Lorraine recipe, and mine is perfect!  It’s really easy to make and perfect for a lunch or dinner for 4. You can combine it with any salad you like really, but I find a marinated artichoke and rocket salad works best!
Egg mixture Ingredients:
3 eggs
1/3 of a cup of milk
300ml cream
Salt and pepper

Main Ingredients:
1 cup of grated cheddar cheese or whatever cheese you like
4 rashers of bacon
shallots/spring onion for topping
1 onion
short crust pastry

How it’s done:
1. Preheat your oven to 200c and lightly butter a quiche tin.
2.Cook the pastry for 8-10 minutes (to get some initial crunch)
3.While the pastry is in the oven cooking, fry the finely chopped onion and bacon until it is translucent. Allow to cool a bit.
4.Once you have taken the pastry out, decrease the oven to 180C
5.Let the pastry sit for a bit and while you are waiting whisk the egg mixture ingredients together thoroughly. 
6.Spread the fried onion and bacon mixture out evenly over the pastry, and top with ¾ of the cheese.
7.Carefully pour the egg mixture over the quiche evenly until covered, and top with remain cheese, finely chopped shallots, and season with salt and peper.
8.Cook for 30-35 minutes
9.While you are waiting for it to cook mix up a salad to serve on the side.

 I like to chop up some marinated artichokes into quarters, and combine with rocket, parsley, a squeeze of lemon juice, some thick/dense good quality balsamic vinegar, and some ricotta.



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